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Pasadena Hail Damage Roof Leak Repair

You Can Count on Us for Pasadena Hail Damage, Leak and Other Roof Repairs

The extremes of Texas weather can take a toll on our roofs. That’s why so many home, property and business owners trust our Pasadena TX roof contractors for their roof repairs. Our licensed contractors use only the highest-quality materials. They also get the job done in a timely manner so that you’re not dealing with ongoing leaks and interior damage.

Why a Pasadena Hail Damage Repair Professional Should Inspect Your Roof After a Storm

Sometimes it’s not obvious that your roof has been damaged if you aren’t experiencing leaks. However, a weather event like a hailstorm, rainstorm or hurricane can cause damage that makes your roof just one storm away from a serious leak that can ruin not only your roof, but the interior of your home or office and the valuable furnishings and equipment inside.

These other signs of damage can include:

  • Missing, broken or cracked shingles
  • Roof discoloration
  • Water stains on the ceiling
  • Hot or cold air entering your home from the ceiling

Our Pasadena hail damage experts will:

  • Inspect your roof to determine if there is damage and the extent of it
  • Advise you if repairs are needed and what they are
  • Tell you if replacement would be safer and more cost effective in the long run


We understand that these are big decisions and that people have to trust that we’re not trying to sell them on repairs or roof replacements they don’t need. However, we wouldn’t have the longstanding reputation that we have here in Pasadena if we hadn’t earned our customers’ trust.

Contact Our Pasadena Hail Damage and Roof Repair Experts Today

To schedule a roof inspection, call us or contact us online. If repair or replacement is needed, we’ll give you an estimate so that you’ll have no unwanted surprises. We think that you’ll be satisfied with our friendly service and attention to detail in our workmanship. Find out why so many people count on us for their roof leak repair in Pasadena TX.